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Speed written document Turnaround Times

In this present, where human intelligence is driving forward with great speed. With the assistance of  Speech Recognition Software, we have come up with a highly efficient product: Dragon Legal Individual 15. This device adapts to your voice or environmental variations, whereas your dictated words square measure regenerates into text, with the help of this advanced technology. Thus, quick legal documentation and up client services with ease. Preparation of case files, contracts, briefs and format citations area unit done involuntarily by the help of this technology.

Custom voice commands

Insert frequently used text and graphics

Intuitive design

easy to get started and master

Our High Court Clients

Features And Benefits

Put Your Voice To Work And Improve Practice Productivity

Enjoy Legal-Specific Accuracy

Built with a specialized legal vocabulary to deliver optimum recognition accuracy-right out of the gate-when you dictate legal terms.

Speed Document Turnaround

Quickly dictate and edit case files, contracts, and briefs by voice; even format legal citations mechanically.

Boost Efficiency With Customization

Add custom words specific to your observe or produce custom commands to quickly insert standardized content and road repetitive tasks by voice.

Transform The Way Your Practice Works

Discover however speech recognition will facilitate your firm specialize in billable work, whereas ultimately providing higher service to your customers.

Use Your Favorite Applications

Dictate, edit and manage within your desktop applications by voice, and luxuriate in absolutely voice-driven redaction and command capabilities in several net applications when using supported browsers.

Be Productive Anytime, Anywhere

Use Dragon on common kind factors like portable touchscreen PCs. Or dictate on the go seamlessly, with Dragon certified Philips Digital dictation recorders and complete documentation on Go.

Eliminate Or Reduce Transcription Time And Costs

Record legal notes employing a digital recorder for later transcription by you or your staff; efficient setup allows you to transcribe audio files with speed and ease.

Dragon Legal - ICONS Infocom P. Ltd.
Dragon Legal - ICONS Infocom P. Ltd.
Dragon Legal - ICONS Infocom P. Ltd.
Get Legal Documents Done Anytime, Anywhere

Why Choose Dragon Legal

Easily create form-based templates and fill out forms, such as client in-take forms—from anywhere​

Import and export to and from popular cloud-based document-sharing tools like Dropbox® and note-taking apps like Evernote®​​

Sync with Dragon Legal Individual and complete work started on the road back at your desktop for seamless document workflows​

Let our experience be your guide 

Get Your First Consultation Free!​

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Our Client's Reviews

I am a regular user of Naturally Speaking Software “Dragon”. I am fully satisfied with the performance delivered by the said software. I highly recommend all my advocate friends to use the said software so that it could enable them to save a lot of time and deliver accuracy.
Devashish K Trivedi
Thank you so much Icons Infocom for selling me the voice software i.e. Dragon Naturally Speaking 9 Version. We have been using it for 2 years and we are very satisfied with the same. I am very happy about the level of accuracy in the dictation with more unique words getting embedded in its dictionary. Thank you so much for all the cooperation.
Zubin Morris
Senior Partner– 'Little & Co - Law Firm
I have been using Dragon Premium Speech Recognition Software for making self-dictation in the office. This software is extremely user-friendly and has high level of accuracy. Having been impressed by efficacy, I have recommended a software to many advocates who have been equally satisfied with the utility of the software.
Jitender Dhanda
Advocate – High Court - Haryana
I had bought Dragon Legal with Spicons Speech Solution from Icons Infocom Pvt Ltd. I am very happy with the software, which I find more than adequate both for legal terminology and my dental technician. Team Icons Infocom was very helpful and courteous during the sales and installations and their after sales service have also been quite good.
Rajesh Kumar
Advocate – Supreme Court - New Delhi
I have been using the dragon voice recognition software for some time now and it has become an invaluable tool in my profession. I find that using the software reduces the time spent on working on a document and that the software is incredibly accurate and is also very easy to use. I would recommend it unhesitatingly.
Xerxes Ranina
Global Legal and IP Consultants - Mumbai
I have been using Nuance Dragon Legal Dictation Software from Icons Infocom. This software is extremely user friendly and has a high level of accuracy. Having been impressed by its efficacy, I have recommended this software to many colleagues who have been equally satisfied with the utility of this software. Mr. Alsaba was very helpful and his after sale services have also been very good enough.
Latika Thapa
High Court - Lucknow

Our Client's Testimonial