Frequently Asked Questions

Can I install Dragon Legal on more than one computer? YES! Dragon Legal is licensed per user, not per computer. So if you have 2 PCs or laptops, you can install Dragon Legal on 2 computers for regular usage

Dragon Legal 15 support for Windows 7 /8/ 10.

SpIcons ® INDIAN Accent & Voice Profile, when integrated with Dragon Software most users can achieve minimum 85-90% accuracy without training their voice with any Indian English accent based on our zonal accent , Zonal vocabprofile to the computer & gradually can achieve accuracy as high as 99%.

SpIcons ® – LegL is a General-Cum Legal dictionary Indian Accent & Voice Profile with General + Legal Vocabulary & Some Common jargon’s in written & spoken form. Currently the Profile is categorized in 4 Different Speech Profile each covering North, South, East & West.

We make every effort to find and provide the best microphone of every category.  We have tested the Dragon Certified Andrea Communication, USA, noise-cancellation wire headsets.

For wireless headsets we have tested and approve wireless headset from Andrea, Plantronic, Seinheissers as well as MPOW.

For Handheld we have 3 options – Nuance PowerMicIII, Philips LFH3200 and Philips SPM3700 with stand (Best)

Microphone we sell meets with our stringent demands, providing you with a quality device.

You can, however noise cancellation Dragon certified headsets adds wings in the accuracy and scales it to the highest level. Also many resellers don’t even know the importance or difference between Dragon certified microphones and other headsets hence leading to most users’ having poorer experiences with these microphones.  Quality is essential, and consumer brands and models often lack the superior design and engineering that makes professional grade Dragon certified microphones stand apart, lending to much higher recognition accuracy.

You can, however when you buy the same with the software they are heavily discounted as combo discounted offer which in case of defer purchase you want enjoy the price combo benefit.

That depends on the solution and your goals.

With 3 hours of initial training (which is part of our Initial speech recognition solution package) you learn at least:

  • Editing,
  • Correcting,
  • Integration with your most used applications (i.e. EMRs, legal applications, MS Office etc.),
  • How to achieve highest accuracy,
  • Enhancing Dragon’s vocabulary,
  • How to contend with a misbehaving Dragon,
  • Custom command creation (to whichever extent you are comfortable),
  • How to achieve a high degree of efficiency and time-saving techniques, and
  • Maintenance techniques to ensure Dragon continue to work well for you.

We do provide an à la carte solution which provides the hours of training that you desire (i.e. 2 or 4, with the option of more if desired later).  We caution that we cannot cover all of the above in 2 or even 4 hours, but we can have you operational and instruct on some of the most important aspects of Dragon use for your intended purpose.

In the long term we feel it is important to know more than the basics of Dragon as you will be empowered with a higher degree of efficiency, accuracy and the knowledge to contend with an assortment of challenges that often arise in the course of using Dragon.  Of course, if you prefer contracting our services (both training and support) on as-needed basis, we are pleased to assist in this capacity as well.

The complete solution package is intended for those who wish to know as much as possible, be independent but also have considerable support as well (free remote support and how-to answers are included in a complete solution package).

On a final note on this subject, if your solution involves an assistant performing proofreading/corrections, training of the Dragon user is minimal with the majority of training time spent with the assistant.

We primarily provide the professional dictation and transcription lines from Philips (i.e. Digital Pocket Memo 6000 and Docking station), as well as appropriate accessories.

We also provide other digital dictation and transcription products manufactured by Philips and Olympus.

Dragon® Legal contains over Large International legal vocabulary and formatting hence making it very accurate software.

If a medical Legal using a non-Legal variant of Dragon, ask what success they are achieving — if less than 80% accuracy, then Dragon® Legal would make a difference.

The bottom line is that Dragon® Legal’s numerous vocabularies are not just a list of words, but a statistical database of word usage specific to each field and practice’s dictation style.

I’m not happy with the recognition. What can I do?

First, check your microphone placement: if you are using a headset, the microphone should generally be about an inch from the side of your mouth. See Microphone placement for more tips.

Next, try running Microphone Setup again. Click the  icon in the menu bar and select Improve Recognition > Microphone Setup… This will ensure that your microphone is properly calibrated for your current environment. See Microphone Setup for more details.

If you are still having problems, Voice Training can help Dragon understand how you speak. Click the  icon in the menu bar and select Improve Recognition > Voice Training… The more Dragon hears you speak, the better it can recognize your voice. See Voice Training for more details.

For more tips on improving recognition, see Poor recognition in the Troubleshooting section.

Products like Dragon are “speaker-dependent.” It relies on information specific to each user, including what words and phrases are used often, how the user sounds, what audio device is used, and what software settings are being used. It stores this data in a set of files, referred to collectively as a “Dragon user profile.”

For previous consumer editions of Dragon speech recognition, like Home and Premium editions, other members of a single household are allowed to store and use their own voice profile on one computer that Dragon is installed on located at one physical address; however, if they wish to run Dragon on their own separate computer, they will be required to purchase another copy of the software.

For the latest edition of Dragon speech recognition, specifically Dragon Professional Individual, your copy of Dragon is not licensed to be used by others in your household as they would need to create another speaker profile. A copy of Dragon is licensed for one speaker only.