Philips SpeechMike SMP3700

SpeechMike Premium Touch Dictation Microphone comes with Touch sensor for integrated mouse function. It has decoupled studio-quality microphone for precise and better recordings. It also has integrated pop filter for perfect recording quality. It also includes hygienic surface for improved efficiency in disinfecting the device. It has few versions i.e. SMP3700 which is mainly used for push-button operation. SMP3710 for Slide-switch operation used to record, stop, play and also for fast rewind. SMP3800 for Push-button operation which has integrated barcode scanner. SMP3810 for Slide-switch operation (record, stop, play, fast rewind) and also has integrated barcode scanner.


Philips SpeechMike SMP3700

Best in class recording

SpeechMike Premium Touch is the most recent revolution from Philips. It comes with a upgraded decoupled studio quality microphone, it has built-in noise cancellation effects, hygienic housing and a motion sensor for crystal clear speech recordings and gives most exact speech recognition results. The new touch sensor ensures simplest navigation, which helps in saving you even more time and energy.


Decoupled studio quality microphone for precise recordings–This microphone is decoupled from the device’s housing which guarantees that almost no background, touch, click, air or structure – borne noise is recorded.

Microphone grille with optimized structure for crystal clear sound –The metal grille comes with special designed hexagonal openings which allow few times more sound to reach the microphones than its antecedent, engineered to provide crystal clear recordings.

Integrated pop filter for perfect recording quality–Defraud placed above and below the microphone capsule filters out sound perversions such as pop and hiss noise, guaranteeing perfect reports even if dictating closely into the microphone.

Large speaker area for premium playback –The SpeechMike Premium Touch is furnished with extra-large speaker, sanctioning it not only to record but also play back recordings in clear and crisp quality.

Ergonomically shaped for perfect fit in the hand –This device is made to fit perfectly into the hand and reduce accidental pressing of buttons.

Wear-free slides switch or push buttons for comfortable operation – The slide switch is wear-free and ergonomically shaped with a softly ribbed surface for smooth tactual feedback and comfortable and inherentexploitation.

System requirements

RAM: Minimum 4GB

  • CPU: Intel® dual core or equivalent AMD processor. Faster processors yield faster performance.
  • Free hard disk space: 8GB
  • Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7, 8.1, 10 (32- and 64-bit); Windows Server 2008 R2 & 2012 R2
  • Internet Explorer 11 or higher or the current version of Chrome or Firefox for Online Help
  • A sound card supporting 16-bit recording
  • Nuance-approved microphone (Included).